Car cover is a very simple and effective protection

While considering the house or apartment where you wanted to live, there is a great chance that you were looking for a place that also has a garage for your car. Whether you could afford it or not, a garage is often a must have during your consideration and the final decision. But sometimes, a garage is not an available option, or there is only a parking space which is located outside. The problem is that now you have a place to put away your car but it is still completely unprotected.
If, however, you bought a house with the most perfect garage, sometimes that also is not enough because when you go to work, you still have to park outside and leave your car out in the open. The solution lies in car cover, which keeps your car safe, no matter where you are forced to leave it and no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Causes of damage on most vehicles

Most vehicles suffer some form of damage during their lifetime. It is proven that cars left outside on a parking lot suffer from more severe damage and are in the repair shop more often than those parked in a closed garage. Reasons for this are many, but one of the main reasons is bad weather. It is very risky to leave it outside without protection. Hail is often a part of major storms which cause tree branches to fall off and the wind can carry other debris and all of it can damage your car, and it can cause so much stress and the repair can be a very big expense. And it is not just the storms, rains and snow that damage it. Very often you cannot find any parking space, so you are happy if you find anything at all. In the hot summer months, you might think that a parking space under a tree is a real jackpot because of the shade that it offers. But you come back to your car and it is covered in resin or bird droppings. Sometimes, during the strong winds season, you can come back to your car and find it covered in leaves and tree branches which might even scratch the surface of it. It is also important to mention the most extreme weather conditions, such as rain, snow or hail, which cover your car, adding stress to your every day activities.

Even car cover is not a completely secure solution

Car cover is always a good option which may prevent the worst case scenario. However, it is important to keep in mind that even car cover is not a completely secure solution in the most extreme weather conditions. If it is a very big storm and the wind and rain is very severe, there is a possibility that the car cover will not fully protect your car and it is also possible that traces of it will be visible on it. But in any case, the damage will be much less than that the one caused to the car that has been exposed to the storm without any kind of protection. Moreover, the manufacturers of car covers have been using innovative systems in the production of car covers which would offer cars better protection under any weather conditions. The weather has been changing drastically in the recent years and the technology used in the production of car covers has been trying to keep up.

Details about car covers

Even though car covers are being made from several materials, the best car cover is the one which uses a very thick layer of compressed foam. It offers the best protection and it is also made stronger on the areas which are most influenced by bad weather, such as the roof, the windshield, the hood and the trunk of the car.

The size of the car cover that would be best suited for you depends on the size of the car you need it for. It comes in several sizes, from medium to extra large. The car is measured from the front to the rear bumper and the size is then decided. Also, most vendors have exact information on the dimensions of the car cover they sell so it is very easy to check the information and to buy the car cover that suits best.
Setting up car cover

Almost all car covers are very easy to set up. You place it on your vehicle, gently pull it down and then secure it with elastic strips. Some models even have openings at the top that are used for air circulation. However, if you plan to leave the car covered for a longer period of time, it is recommended that you air it out at least every 15 days.

For security reasons it is important not to leave the car unprotected till the very last minute. Many people are unsure about how the weather conditions are going to change so they wait to see. But even if only a few drops of rain fall down on your car and then you cover it, it might be too late. The humidity left between the surface of the car and the car cover might in the long run harm the surface of your car. It is also advisable to set up the cover on the car only if it is completely dry to avoid leaving traces on it after it is removed.

Car covers are truly an investment that will pay off. They are not extremely expensive but the damage without it might be. Prices on the market today include many different manufacturers and different price ranges, depending on the size of the car cover you need. But, when you compare it to the money you will have to give to repair the damage to your car caused by storms and hail, then you will see that it is next to nothing and it definitely pays off. Car cover offer a solid protection in most cases and your vehicle will be safe if you are forced to leave it outside. By using a car cover, you will also be buying your peace of mind because you know that weather cannot damage it.

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