Secure your files with Clinked file sharing

Cloud collaboration is growing in frequency as more and more businesses realise the potential of the internet for streamlining work processes and allowing many employees to work on a single project irrespective of their location or daily schedule. Although this can do wonders for productivity and running costs, by its nature online collaboration can also pose a security issue for businesses and customers alike.

In the past, businesses have resorted to third-party file sharing sites, instant messengers and email communications to complete the collaborative work process in a timely manner. However, stringent data and privacy laws have rendered many of these services illegal for business use because they do not offer the required protection against hackers, viruses and a number of other threats. On the other hand, today’s online collaboration tools are designed to provide a high level of security that gives users peace of mind while adhering to all laws and regulations.

256 bit encrypted cloud collaboration

Many of today’s cloud collaboration tools will store data using 256 bit SSL encryption, which is indicated by the small padlock icon often found in the internet browser address bar. This technology creates a secure connection between the user’s computer and the remote server, and helps to prevent the interception or stealing of data.

Often, cloud collaboration solutions will utilise data centres managed by larger, reputable companies to guarantee a high level of security. A favourite is Amazon’s AWS S3 data centres, which are compliant with ISO27001, SAS70 and PCI certifications while adhering to the security requirements of the US federal government.

Private online collaboration tools

Despite the security precautions taken by many data centres, some businesses would simply prefer to share files over their own servers. If the IT infrastructure is in place, this option can provide greater security safeguards like the restriction of data access to company IP addresses or geographical areas. What’s more, on-site storage removes the concerns which many may have over data regulation when it comes to cloud storage.

User control

For additional security within a business, many online collaboration tools will allow administrators to assign each user with individual permissions for viewing and editing files. For example – administrators themselves will have unrestricted access to all files, editors have the ability to view and edit all files without the additional option to invite and manage other members, and viewers will simply be able to view online content.

File storage solutions like Clinked provide a secure option for businesses to store their data, while offering the added convenience of quick and efficient cloud collaboration. Could your business benefit from an online collaboration tool? If you’d like to know more, why not contact us to discuss your requirements today?

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