What do we find Different in the Expensive Flashlights

There are a lot of people who are willing to pay more just so that they can have a quality item that can serve them for years to come. On the other side we also have people who think that everything is fake and they only buy items that are cheap and only seem to be made with high quality. Although those people get the point after a while they still make the same mistakes over and over again.

When it comes to flashlights lately on the US market a lot of cheap and fake flashlights have appeared. Those fake flashlights are mostly made in China where the quality in manufacturing isn’t such a large priority. Almost everyone is familiar with the Chinese “quality” in manufacturing and when it comes to manufacturing flashlights there isn’t a big difference.

Why do people buy flashlight replicas?

There are 2 types of people that usually make this mistake, the first type are the people who are tricked into buying the flashlight and the other type of people are the ones that are convinced that everything is made in Chine and that there isn’t much difference between a fake and original flashlight.

For an example we will take the G700 tactical LED flashlight. We all know that this flashlight is the most trending flashing of 2016 and because of its popularity there are a lot of fake version on the open market. The original price for this flashlight is $56 dollars but if you search Amazon you will see that this flashlight is also available for $13 dollars.

For this post we have bought both flashlight and made a comparison between them. The first test that we have conducted on both flashlights was to determent the battery life longevity. Both flashlights were turned on and just after 1 hours guess which flashlight started to have complications. After the battery longevity test we conducted just how reachable are these 2 flashlights. The fake Chinese version had a reach of 400 feet and the original one that we paid $56 dollars for it had a reach of more than 2000 feet. After conducting these 2 test we have concluded that there is no comparison between these flashlights and that it isn’t worth the risk of buying a fake G700 flashlight.


So, what do we conclude?

Buying an expensive flashlight is always safer than buying a cheap version, however we must be very careful to avoid being scammed with the Chinese versions. The only way to verify if a flashlight is really worth its price is to look in Google shopping and see if the price there matches the price on the official website.

After all, there is always a way to ask for a refund if you don’t believe that the flashlight you’ve purchased meets the features that were advertised to you. However, if you ordered your flashlight online is very hard to get a refund so the best place to buy your next flashlight should be a huge store like Home depot or Target. There you can find all the best tactical flashlights in the world and the best part is that you can test them there without having to pay first to see how bright they are.